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Competition post 2013


Rototom Reggae Contest is organized by Rototom Sunsplash in community with promoters from all around Europe: go to the list... ( asap on line)


The competition is open to all European bands whose members are resident in Europe. Only residence is required, not necessarily citizenship but all band members must however make sure that they possess the necessary documents to travel in all EU countries. If in doubt, please contact your local government. Visa fees will be payable the bands. The organization will write invitation letters if required. Any costs for the necessary permits and the travel insurance are the responsibility of the bands.


All the following music styles are accepted: Reggae, Dub, Original Ska, Rocksteady, Ragamuffin, Dancehall style, Afro-Reggae, Samba-Reggae, Reggae Latino.
Only original songs are eligible. No covers will be accepted, or versions of pre-existing Jamaican riddims. Neither shall we accept tracks featuring artists who are not resident members of the band. Lyrics promoting violence or discrimination of any kind will also be rejected.The technical jury will listen to and check validity of entries.


Registration is free. Closing date for applications: January 14th. Applications sent after this date will not be considered.
In order to register, the bands must fill in the form published on Once enrolled, bands will be provided with their own password protected area where they can create their  own profil. The band profile will not be visible to the public until the required materials are uploaded and the registration is completed.


2 band photo (photo in landscape format)
2 mp3 tracks
technical rider (jpeg /pdf)
2 video (better if is it live)
list of band members (name, surname y instrument played)

Band profiles will not be modifiable during the online selection process (January 14th - February 14th) . After this time the band will be invited to update their profile and page on their own. All uploaded tracks will remain available to listen to via streaming until the end of December  2013.


The organization will only consider bands that comply with all of the above requirements.  Any band who does not fill out the entire registration form within the given deadline January 14th 2013 will not be considered eligible for the online selections.

Will not be eligible for the competition bands who sign with a major part of musicians (50%) who are already registered with other bands.(in case of this problem the first registration will be considered valid, unless notice)

Note: Every band that participates in the contest agrees to comply to all the rules and agrees to comply and confirm , in case of victory, to all the concerts that are part of the prize.
The winning bands will have 15 days after the final time to confirm or deny their presence at festivals and clubs that are on the prize. If you do not confirm, the organization can cancel the prize and / or pass it to the second band classified. Any change in tour prize must be managed together with the organization of the Reggae Contest

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