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The winner band of the Italian Speaking area.

We are proud to announce that the winner band of the Italian Speaking Area is Piero & VibesPoint band.

Thanks to the Italian Massive, the Magnolia Circolo Arci, Vito War  and everybody who helped us to make this possible!

Last semi-final will be in France! Stay tuned!

The italian final and the partners.

Before the big event night of the Italian Reggae contest final that will be this saturday (19th April) at Magnolia in Milan we will dedicate this post to the Italian contest community from south to north , a great deal of  italian musical reality embrace the Rototom Reggae Contest.
We start our trip among the RRC partners in Calabria with the Calafrika Music Festival  organized by " Migrazioni" association , a cultural festival that every year  enriches its musical, cultural , gastronomic and artistic offer.
In the Marche regain Bababoom Festival is our official partner : this event is  unique and original on the national scene , both for the high sense of involvement of the participants , both in the urban logistics .
In Tuscany we have a new entry in the Community: we are talking about Volerock Festival: born in 1998 in Lunigiana , The Volerock is an Indie Music Festival featuring bands from all over Italy and this year also the music of the Rototom Reggae Contest.
We arrive in Emilia where we find the Vibra Club Modena , local organization and supporting the contest since the beginning , while a few miles further in the north there is the Positive River , which takes place in the province of Parma, is confirmed as one of the biggest  festivals of the summer appointment of Emilia.
In Lombardy there are two big partners that are the reference of the reggae music culture in the northern italy scene: Reggae Radio Station, a very important reggae radio every week hosted by  Vito War, one of the leading exponents of reggae music here in Italy has only the best of everything that comes from the world, and that for five consecutive years dealing with the organization of the Italian Final of the contest at the Magnolia in Milan.
The other partner is the collective of Bergamo Reggae, committed to promoting and spreading the message of reggae in their province with events of national prominence .
At European level, Italy is represented by the largest island appointment : the Sardinia Reggae Festival, which this year celebrates its seventh edition and that is going to host the winner of the European Reggae Contest .
Moving to east , we find the Pamali Festival which takes place in the province of Treviso, from2010 their mission is to create an appointment where you can fuse art and music, research, experimentation, sharing of ideals, participation and the development of the territory .
We end this trip among the various partners of the Rototom Reggae Contest with the last festival , not at least, of the community : the Laurin Rock Festival , which takes place in the province of Bolzano with the intention of bringing life to music and entertainment, but especially culture . Divided into two evenings , between rock and reggae , the first will be the one that will host for the first time the band won the Rototom Reggae Contest.

the Italian winner band will play in all these festivals, which are the official award  2014, but  also media partners will provide their platforms to promote the Contest and the winners:
Radio Radiosa( Radio Jamming ) , Soul Shake Down Party , Step One Records, Reggae Radio Station, Sbeberz Rasta Radio.

A big up to the whole community !

The winner band of the German Speaking area.

We are proud to announce that the winner of the German Speaking area is: Collie Herb & The Vibe Controllers

Thanks to the Berlin Massive, Yaam Club, Hortilab and  who helped us to make this possible!

Next week the Italian speaking area final in Miland! Stay tuned!

The winners of the Northern and Eastern Europe finals!

After a double event night we are proud to announce that the winner of the Northern and Eastern Europe finals are   Atomic spliff and the rebell dubz and Mašta bašta

Thanks to everybody who came and enjoy of this two parties and thanks to the promoters and supporters that make this possible!

Next week the German speaking are final in Berlin! Stay tuned!

Last news about the Eastern and the Northern Europe finals.

Due to personal reasons not employees of the organization of the Rototom Reggae Contest, the band SATTAS from Turkey, first place for Eastern Europe area will not participate in the live finals. 

For this reason, we invite the 5th and 6th classified bands and due to visa problems just Miroslav, the singer of the Vyo can come to present their music at the live event but they are not going to take part at the contest.
The Eastern Europe final jury will be composed by:
Martin Sodomek, Cultural Reggae Vibes Festival
Jakub Johanek, Czech Radio - Radio Wave

DJ KAYA, Kaya Ctibor, Radio 1

Michael Tardik, United Islands Festival

Rafal Konert, Lion Stage,

Petr Telka Metelka, Cross CLub

Otas Blail Jahtecky, Rastafari Radio

The northern Europe final jury will be composed by:

Cecile Reubens, Hootananny Club

Bruno Giusti, Rototom

Earl Gateshead, Troyan Records

The Northern Europe Final

The northern Europe area final will be held on April, 3rd at the historic venue of Hootananny  in Brixton, London.

This event represents a great opportunity for the finalists of this area that opened the selections to all the bands from Iceland, Ireland, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and of course the United Kingdom.

The finalists are:

Leah rosier & the tworoots band (NL)
One root (B) 
Atomic spliff and the rebell dubz (B)

They will perform in a live show in the heart of London in one of the most historic places frequented by the fans of the genre. A party characterized by the good vibes of the emerging reggae music!

If you are in town you cannot miss this great event!

Change of band in the Northen Europe final

Due to personal reasons not employees of the organization of the Rototom Reggae Contest, the band Marta first place for the Northern Europe area will not participate in the live finals. 

For this reason, we welcome the fourth band classified in 2014, Atomic Spliff and the Rebell Dubz, which will play the live final to win the national award and the access to the European final!
Big Up!

Italian final Rototom Reggae Contest

Reggae Radio Station and Vito War, big dj of the italian reggae scene confirm their five-years partnership with Rototom Reggae Contest, organizing for the fifth consecutive year the italian final at Magnolia Arci Club in Milan.A great venue that always hosted the finalist bands and the public offering a big reggae party.
The date is on April, 19th at the beautiful Idroscalo park in Milan.
Vito War and the Rototom Reggae Contest community are waiting for you!

These the three finalist bands:

Rebel rootz italy (IT)

Kayamama reggae evolution (IT)

Pierodread & vibespoint band (IT)


The winner of the Iberian Peninsula final is Malaka Youth

The band will represent the Iberian Peninsula in the final of the European Rototom Reggae Contest , will be MALAKA YOUTH

The Eastern Europe finals 2014

Also this year, thanks to the collaboration with Martin Cervinka, our official link with Cross Club and Cultural Reggae Vibez, Rototom Reggae Contest reaches Czech Republic.

On the 3rd of April in Prague, Sattas from Turkey Mašta Bašta from Serbia and Rebelites from Bulgaria, will play live on stage representing the Eastern Europe zone.

The Rototom Reggae Contest community in Eastern Europe every year supports and spreads the massage of  the emerging bands of this area.
BIG UP TO ALL THE PROMOTERS AND MEDIA partners that make it possible!

Promoters: Cross Club,  Cultural Reggae Vibez, Uprising Reggae Festival, United Islands Festival, Overjam Reggae Festival, Lion Stage
Media:,, Radio Wave, Reggae Express, Radio Rastafari, Color Music Radio, Kytary.Cz,

A great event that you cannot miss if you are in town cause we will decide who will participate at the big European final.  

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